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Careers at ASA College

ASA College is committed to hiring faculty, administrators, and staff who have demonstrated leadership abilities and are emerging leaders in their respective discipline or area of expertise.

With over 100 diverse cultures represented in our community, ASA firmly believes in the importance and advantages of education in a multicultural environment.

Current Job Openings

ASA currently has the following job openings:
Hiring Faculty for the following disciplines:
Business: -Managerial Accounting
-Cost Accounting
-Intermediate Accounting
-Computerized Accounting(Peachtree /  QuickBooks)
Art & Science: -English Composition
-Speech & Communication
-Library Science
Health: -Health Information Technology Program
-Medical assisting,clinical and administrative courses,   i.e word processing, office administration. Etc.
-Intermediate Accounting
-Pharmacy Technology
Computer Technology: -Fundamental of Computer Technology
(Computer Concepts and Microsoft Office)
-Networking Courses(A+, Network  Security,CISCO,Wireless Networking and Active directory)
Criminal Justice: -Criminal Justice

Qualifications: Minimum Master's Degree for all teaching positions.

New York Openings
Florida Openings
Financial Aid Advisor
Student Accounts Officer
Student Records Officer
Academic Advisor
Director Of Learning Center
Students Activities Coordinator

All positions require a minimum of two years experience in higher education. Qualified Candidates, please forward your resumes to

Applicants should use our online form Jobs At ASA to apply for these jobs.

Reports to: Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Summary: Director of International Student Services provides assistance to international students and their families in regard to personal, academic and immigration-related concerns.  His/her principal duties are as follows


Serve as Primary Designated School Official (PDSO) for the institution ensuring compliance with any and all government regulations regarding international students;
Facilitate preparation and disbursement of I-20 forms to allow new international students to contact U.S. Embassies in their respective home countries and apply for a visa to enter the United States;
Officially evaluate legal student status and approve all INS applications for student changes and updates (examples:  Transfer procedures, change of status, legal INS reinstatement procedures, extension of stay);
Monitor international students’ academic progress in order to comply with current and new INS regulations and tracking system (SEVIS) compliance;
Determine eligibility for optional practical training (OPT) and facilitate the recommendation of individual student applications to INS for the necessary work permit;
Coordinate necessary intervention with INS on behalf of international students should problems arise with applications;
Direct the completion of all U.S. government forms, file reports as required and complete student tracking as required by INS;
Direct and conduct information orientations for new and transfer international students each semester, providing current regulation information;
Supervise staff and faculty of International Student Services;
Direct and be responsible for acquiring copies of all required documents for maintaining INS files on each international student;
Supervise monitoring of international students’ academic progress in order to comply with the INS regulations that require full-time enrollment;
Direct students to appropriate services on or off campus as needed;
Direct extra-curricular activities and guidance that will enhance the personal and academic well-being of the international student body;
Advise other institutional offices on federal and other rules and regulations affecting international students;
Perform other duties as assigned by supervisors to maintain operations and services.
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Reports to: Vice President, Academic Affairs

Summary: This position is responsible for designing, developing and coordinating continuing education and workforce education for adults. Direct corporate training working with HRA and SBA agencies and will develop short-term programs in different NYC locations.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s Degree preferred. Degree must be from a regionally accredited institution. Three years experience designing and developing continuing education and workforce education programs using alternative methods of delivery (i.e. on-line, compressed video, etc.) preferably for business and industry. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.


Designs, develops and coordinates all continuing education and workforce education programs for adults.
Identifies and designs alternative instructional delivery methods and resources.
Identifies appropriate resources to support the implementation of new continuing and workforce education programs.
Conducts community surveys and program reviews.
Works with community groups and one stop partners to determine client training needs.
Supervises small staff. Responsible for staff training and development.
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Reports to: Vice President for Academic Affairs

Summary: Director of Distance Learning is responsible for the strategic planning, development, direction and administration of ASA's Distance Learning Program. This involves advising and collaborating with faculty and academic administrators to plan, develop and coordinate courses and programs that employ various distance learning delivery Strategies Director will be involved in developing the technical and curricular structure of the Distance Learning program, overseeing the day-to-day operation of the program, serving as liaison with relevant entities within and outside of the institution, and conducting assessment and evaluation of activities relevant to the program, including faculty preparation and course instruction.


Provide sound instructional programs and student support services through a distance learning format;
Develop and implement a strategic planning process for Distance Learning;
Work with the faculty and academic leadership of the institution on future programmatic offerings and policy;
Work closely with the Office of Information Technology to develop and maintain an effective distance learning infrastructure;
Manage the distance learning courses offered by ASA;
Collaborate with other departments regarding distance learning activities;
Ensure compliance with government regulations and accreditation standards;
Market the DL courses to current and prospective students;
Evaluate instructors teaching on-line courses.
Director may teach occasional distance learning courses on-line.
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ASA College is seeking a Student Advisor who is fluent in Japanese.


Provide educational guidance to Japanese students including course selection, class scheduling, school adjustment, and career planning.
Advise Japanese students to adjust to new culture and environment, as well as to understand and overcome academic and social challenges.
Evaluate students' abilities and interests through aptitude assessments, interviews, and individual planning.
Collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents to help Japanese students succeed.


Must have 2 years of experience in a related occupation.
Must be fluent in Japanese

Department/Office : Dean of Assessment

Reporting to : Vice President for Academic Affairs

Job Responsibilities :The Dean of Assessment oversees the Assessment and Institutional Research functions at the College.  The Dean is responsible for the development and implementation of comprehensive institutional assessment programs to support the College's mission and strategic initiatives.  S/he will gather, analyze, and report data to support strategic planning, policy-making, resource allocations, enrollment projections, and other processes requiring sound assessment and analyses.  The Dean will work closely with Academic Divisions using statistical analyses, data and survey research to support outcomes assessments related to improvement of student learning and educational program outcomes.  S/he will conduct extensive survey research using on-line and paper surveys, created both in-house and externally, and will keep up-to-date on best research and analysis practices.  The Dean will also be responsible for the presentation of survey and other data to be used in the decision-making processes and dissemination of assessment results to all College stakeholders.
Qualification Requirements : Master's Degree in Education, Math, Statistics, Sociology or a related field is required, Doctorate preferred.  The successful candidate will have demonstrated experience with collecting and analyzing data in a higher education environment, sound knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods and statistics, outstanding writing and presentation skills, logical, analytical and problem-solving skills, and the ability to work independently while attending to multiple projects simultaneously.  Knowledge of CampusVue System and SPSS is a plus.
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Department/Office : Academic Affairs

Reporting to : Dean of Faculty

Job Responsibilities :Research/develop curriculum and lesson plans for college/post- secondary level pharmacy courses, including laboratory techniques, as well as remediation policies to detect or assist students with reading or other academic difficulties; develop/implement teaching methodologies, including integrating herbal medicine into the curriculum; evaluate and prepare recommendations on curricula, instructional methods and adding new courses in pharmacy, laboratory techniques and herbal medicine to meet industry demands; develop teaching standards and train teachers; assess implementation of educational standards and remediation plans.

Qualification Requirements :
Master degree in pharmacy plus one year experience in job offered or as college or post-secondary level pharmacy professor/instructor or instructional coordinator, with responsibility for developing/implementing remediation policies/programs, and curricula/instruction methods in laboratory techniques and herbal medicine. Employer will accept any suitable combination of education, training or experience.

Under the direction of the VP of Career Services and Alumni Development, assist students and graduates with their transition to employment, assessing needs and ensuring that positive employment outcomes are achieved.


Develop and maintain a current job bank of employment opportunities for graduates.
Assess students/graduates regarding present level vocational skills and employment history and assist them in understanding their various career options in an effort to determine their career goals.
Provide in-house students and graduates with vocational counseling, assess their placement potential, and prepare them for interviews.
Maximize Placement opportunities for all graduates, by suggesting additional courses, skills/knowledge to be added to the educational program of study.
Communicate with counselors, Alumni and hiring managers on an ongoing basis to monitor evolving employment progress and needs.
Assist in conducting job search workshops to teach graduates various techniques on how to find jobs.
Conduct one-on-one mentoring sessions and post-placement follow-up for graduates who have been placed.
Conduct real life simulated mock interviews.
Assist in the planning and organization of career fairs to assist graduates and students in finding jobs.
Assist in the development of an Advisory Board and Annual Job Fairs.
Develop and maintain connections with various external support services.
- Associates Degree required; Bachelors Degree preferred.
- MUST have a current well maintained Job Bank
- Strong interpersonal skills and oral/written communication skills required.
- 3+ years vocational and employment counseling experience required.
- Solid resume writing experience

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Reports to: Dean of Health Disciplines

Summary: ASA College is currently accepting applications of available position of Director of Nursing.

  • -Responsible for the coordination of curriculum planning and development, development and management of clinical rotations as well as evaluation and implementation of policies and procedures governing the nursing programs at ASA College.
  • -In partnership with faculty, the Director will also coordinate outcomes assessment activities, accreditation activities, and complete reports for the New York State Board of Nursing and other partner agencies and organizations.
  • -The Director supervises clinical instructors and faculty, evaluates classroom and clinical sites. In addition, the Director assists in the advisement, recruitment, and retention of students.
Qualification Requirements:
  • -A Master's degree in Nursing
  • -A current unencumbered license to practice as a registered nurse in the State of New York
  • -Minimum of two years of experience in nursing education, including didactic and clinical teaching in an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing or Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing program
  • -Minimum of five years of experience of managing a Nursing program at a college or university
  • -Demonstrated experience in curriculum development
  • -Demonstrated leadership skills and vision
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Reports to:  Director of Admissions

Department/Office: Admissions


Follow the established process of prospective student's admissions.
Properly use product knowledge to present program of study to prospect students.
Maintain consistent contact and follow-up with students throughout the enrollment cycle
Staff, attend, represent and coordinate outreach/recruiting events such as high school visits, career days, college fairs, and open houses.
Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of computers and systems pertaining to Admissions Department.
Track files completion for all prospective students.
Supervise and monitor performance of community outreach representatives and telemarketers.

Qualification Requirements:
-Bachelor's Degree
-Minimum of 2 years of college admissions experience.
-Excellent presentation skills.
-Knowledge of computer applications; (Microsoft Office).
-Knowledge of federal and state financial aid programs.
-Ability to multi-task and be a team.
-Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
-Excellent customer service skills.
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Department: International Department


Update all SEVIS files and change of status information;
Daily updating reports from SEVIS concerning approved change of status cases and providing this information to appropriate admissions representatives; updating student files as necessary
Scheduling, coordinating and processing of Transferring in Students and Initial and Change of Status I-20 records as indicated; completion of all necessary documentation.
Maintaining SEVIS compliance with current and future international student records;
Distribution of continued attendance I-20 forms to existing students;
Re-assessment of all pending files and required follow up as necessary.
Providing assistance, advisement and customer service as needed on an ongoing basis for current and prospective international students, including drop-ins, telephone calls and e-mail inquiries;
Preparing and photocopying additional copies of the International Student Enrollment Package;
Updating Student Transaction Logs with corresponding dates and descriptions of services provided.
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Reports to: Academic Chairs, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director – Office of Academic Affairs, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Senior Vice President and the President.

Summary:  Faculty members are responsible for assisting the College administration and staff in carrying out the college's mission to provide high-quality career-oriented degree and certificate programs which respond to the needs of both students and employers.


Meeting all assigned classes on time as scheduled.
Teaching class according to the highest professional standards.
Being available to students on a regular basis for academic counseling each counseling session.
Providing a supportive classroom environment and treating all students fairly and impartially.
Actively monitoring each student’s progress and taking timely action as counseling, arranging for tutoring, or referral to the Academic Chairs for any student who is in danger of failing the course.
Maintaining current accurate attendance for each student or student advisor and submitting the completed attendance roster on a timely basis.
Providing timely feedback to student advisors regarding excessive student absenteeism (3 consecutive days).
Giving students a clear, accurate idea of what will be expected regarding class participation;quizzes and test; projects; and homework assignments for each course.
Planning an annual professional growth agenda with the academic chair and accomplishing all the items during the year.
Attending mandatory faculty meetings and any additional departmental meetings where attendance is requested by Academic Administration.
Adhering to the course curriculum as approved by the Curriculum Review & Development Committees.
Adhering to the policies and procedures specified in faculty handbook.
Participating in discussions with the college administration regarding the improvement, updating, and enriching of current programs of study and designing and mplementing strategies to improve student retention.
Working with college administration in researching, planning and establishing new curricula that meet market needs.
Maintaining professional competence and keeping knowledge current through continuous reading and research.
Being available to serve on committees for assessment activities.
Submitting grade rosters and all records of student counseling activities forty eight hours after the last day of each reminder.
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